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The King Will Make a Way is a new Christian novel for the last days saint.

This end-times story of faith and perseverance is an allegorical tale set in a village long ago. Gabe is the only one who knows the truth-the true King is still alive. Vulpine is determined to become king himself and will stop at nothing to force the villagers to give him their loyalty.

Will the servants of the true King fight to overthrow Vulpine? When the servants face imprisonment and death, will they switch loyalties? What will become of Gabe when Vulpine realizes he’s been teaching others about the King? Where is the true King?

Living through the daily uncertainty of plague, persecution and even martyrdom, the servants of the true King learn that there is one thing they can always be sure of-The King Will Make a Way.

It is my prayer that this book will challenge you and inspire you, not only to walk by faith but to give yourself wholly to following the King.

A compelling and captivating story written with such rich image-inducing language. This story is one that demonstrates the true test of faith, and the reward for unwavering devotion. For those in need of a faith restoration, seeking affirmation, or searching for the greater good, The King Will Make a Way is an inspirational novel bound to fill your heart with love. Action sequences, sacrifices made for love, and breath-taking suspense make this a book to be read and enjoyed by both young and old. – Jen Greene, teacher



  1. Anya Brantley said,


    Blessings to you and to your obedience to the Lord MOST HIGH.

    He will always lead and guide you in the steps to take, even the tiniest baby steps.

    May no weapon formed against you or your family prosper.

    Blessings on this new endeavor, I will post on my facebook and email to all that I know about over the weekend.

    All in God’s timing as we move ahead in faith, ready to take the next leap of faith.

    Walk by faith, not by sight.

    Live in Psalm 91.

    He cares and is always there.

    Your dear friend,


  2. Melanie said,

    I am soo proud of you and looking forward to reading your book! I do not have Facebook…is there anyplace i can go to read more?
    Aunt Mel

    • hebrews110 said,

      This site has the most content than facebook, but if you’re talking about reading more of the book, I could be persuaded to send you the whole thing to read now.

  3. Marlene said,

    At the beginning of your book summary you have posted: “The King Will Make a Way is a new Christian novel for the last days saint.” When I share a Christian book with our family, I need to know background of the author. Are you from the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints otherwise referred to as the mormons?

    • The King Will Make a Way said,

      No! Not the “latter-day” saint. The book is an allegory of the end times and the Scriptures say that we are in the “last days.” We actually belong to no denomination. We just believe what the Bible says and obey it with the Holy Spirit’s help. I actually had one pastor read it trying to find any denomination’s teachings or leanings and he couldn’t spot any. Maybe because my husband and I have worked to free ourselves of our denominational upbringing and to believe just what we read in the Bible.

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