How I Chose My Publisher

February 1, 2010 at 8:35 am (Uncategorized)

When thinking and praying about publishers, I decided to see who had published my brother’s book, Falling into Love. I saw “Strang Group Communications” when I looked at the publisher. I typed it into Google and the page that came up had a book proposal link. They enabled you to submit your manuscript online and for free. They also published a wide variety of books including “Christian visionary fiction.” Perfect.

Looking at other publishers nothing ever seemed right. They didn’t ask for the manuscript, or they wanted you to have an agent, or they wanted you to pay to submit your manuscript. Not for me.

Later I went back to my brother’s book on Amazon when I had a question about formatting. I noticed his book was published by “Relevant Books”. Hmmm….

I don’t know what the Lord did, but I know I never would have typed in “Strang Group Communications” if I hadn’t read it when I looked up my brother’s book. Those words are no where to be found on the page though!

So, that’s who I sent the book to. They are the only ones. Not the way to get a book published, I know, but it’s the Lord’s work not mine. It’s in His hands. Now I wait!


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