The Author

Lee Giles (okay, that’s me, I put up this blog)…I am a homeschool mother of five young children. Our family has served the Lord overseas since May of 2002. I, with my husband and children, have lived among the Roma (often known as the Gypsies) in Macedonia and in a country in the Middle East.

The King Will Make a Way was written in a small, two-room apartment in a slum. I had no ambitions to write a novel. The Lord began stirring something in me, and I thought He was going to have me make some homeschool project.

I found online one day something called “How to Teach 7 to 9 Year Olds How to Write a Novel.” I started those lessons with my then 7- and 9-year olds. I did the lessons along with them. Each day there was a little worksheet to fill out–genre, characters, setting, etc. I prayed a quick prayer before I quickly penciled in my answers.

One night I typed out my answers and they grew into paragraphs, then chapters. At this point I still had no idea this book was about the end times. I learned that for sure when one day I told the Lord I didn’t know what happened next in the book. I asked for a Scripture to tell me what should happen. Daniel 11 came to mind.

Out of that came Vulpine taking troops up the hill and many other little tidbits.  The first draft was finished in four weeks and was written mostly between the hours of 10PM and 6AM.

That was September 2009. September through January was editing and editing and more editing and also preparing the homeschool materials featured on this blog.

I hope the book challenges you to give your all for Christ just as He did for you and to not fear anything the future may hold. I want everyone to know we can walk by faith and not be afraid because  THE KING ALWAYS MAKES A WAY!



  1. Donna FitzPatrick said,

    Hi Lee! So:unds really interesting. I would love to read the whole thing:)

    • hebrews110 said,

      Someday you will be able to. Patience! Thanks for taking the time to read it. Stop by the book’s facebook page and be sure to suggest the page to your friends.

  2. Erna said,

    Lee, your book sounds quite interesting! I hope the Lord will make a way for it to be published!

  3. Bill Dean said,

    Thanks for reading and responding to my blog! I have not yet found a publisher for my book, but it will come in time. My passion is to help young believers understand that spiritual growth and moral strength comes through healthy, accountable friendships with others who are walking with God.
    By the way, I have taken five teams of students to Romania in recent years, and one of our primary ministries is in connection with a new Roma congregation there!

  4. Mary Beth said,

    Your book sounds interesting. I hope that I will someday get to read it.

  5. Salena said,

    Thank you. I am using this book as the Bible study for my homeschool. I appreciate all the work you have put into it, making that possible.

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