I believe the Lord has used you to speak out a message of surrender and trust in a way that is tangible and sweet.  His desire for us to trust him is for us, for our benefit – as you know and have experienced – not just because he said so.  Your story portrays the sweetness of that, and the beauty of knowing, really knowing him!  I have already told people about your book, and I plan on telling many, many more.  It is not just a good story.  It is a powerful message of how peaceful and full our lives can be in the midst of ANY trial no matter how difficult or painful, and how we do not have to fear.

— homeschool mom, Pennsylvania


I am finally reading your book!!!!  I LOVE it!!!! I have been so inspired to spend time with the King!! You have been anointed for such a time as this to remind the body to sit still before the throne so we responsibly pass on the King’s message to those who are yet to find Him — can’t wait for my next moment to read!! Thanks for all the effort that went into crafting such a beautiful story.

— homeschool mom, Pennsylvania


“There are still many true Christians in the world who would be excited to read The King Will Make a Way by Lee Giles. The story, despite its fictional settings, is very realistic. The story helps us to live in Biblical holiness and to regard the realities of a second coming of Christ.”

–Igor Kaliberda, Pastor, New Jerusalem Church, Istanbul


“I do love a good allegory, so I was greatly blessed by what I read. What a gift the Lord has placed in your life, referring not only to the story, of course, but to your presentation. I know people who love to say “I’m a writer,” but here finally is one with a unique and subtly picturesque style. Not forced, but flowing…easy yet elegant. Praise the Lord.”

–Chris, South Dakota


A highly enjoyable story that I couldn’t put down. I found myself captivated and transported. I was so absorbed in the weaving of the tale, rooting for Gabe and the other servants of the King, holding my breath, laughing, crying and always filled with wonderment to learn more about the King and how his love will always make a way for those who love Him. A wonderful read for pre-teens through adults alike.

— homeschool mom


A compelling and captivating story written with such rich image-inducing language. This story is one that demonstrates the true test of faith, and the reward for unwavering devotion. For those in need of a faith restoration, seeking affirmation, or searching for the greater good, The King Will Make a Way is an inspirational novel bound to fill your heart with love. Action sequences, sacrifices made for love, and breath-taking suspense makes this a book to be read and enjoyed by both young and old.

— teacher


This is really magnificent.  “Vivid” is the word that comes to mind.  Your language is rich…and the story itself is immensely compelling.  The reader cares about the characters and wants to know what will happen next.  And it is a perfect allegory — an allegory that becomes apparent almost from the outset but never feels contrived.

— copy editor, Pennsylvania


Though the End Times are a serious subject, Lee Giles unfolds her story with a graceful touch.  Her characters are appealing and believable.  Her respect for the King is clear.  Her understanding of the Scripture and the challenges of remaining faithful in spite of dangers and persecution is deep.  Her storyteller’s sense of pace is sure.  In addition to enjoyment, her readers will find their commitment challenged and their faith strengthened that, indeed, no matter what, “The King will make a way.”

– Renee, Peace Corps volunteer, China


It is a really good book, exciting from the start, lots to get you thinking about how we live our life.

– Esther, age 12, Australia


You are in good hands when you read The King Will Make a Way. The author has crafted a carefully paced, well developed plot that will leave you challenged and inspired. The story is pure delight, not sentimental, but truly satisfying.

– Ned Erickson, author, Falling Into Love, North Carolina


I loved the ideas and story line of your book and will definitely have my younger children listen to it while I read it.

-Laura Lexington, homeschool mom of 4, Kentucky


The King Will Make a Way is a wonderfully-fashioned end times tale.  Its plot momentum kept our attention from beginning to end and gleaned such a sweet spirit.  What a wonderful story to have been given from God.  We pray that we will remain as steadfast as Gabe if we are to see times such as these.

-David & Emily Growden,, Heaven’s Family, Pennsylvania


Absolutely loved the book.

– Tasha, age 13, Montana


The book is perfect for presenting the God’s salvation plan to children and young people. It is interesting and catches the attention of the reader. I pray that many people might be touched through it and come to Jesus.

-Marija, Macedonia


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