For Homeschoolers

Calling all homeschoolers: Here are more than 130 pages of resources for your homeschool! More than 30 lapbook pieces, notebooking pages, lessons in English, science, social studies, math, art, Bible and even cooking and music.

For upper elementary up through high school you’ll find something for the whole family. Use it as review or as an introduction to new areas of study and see what sparks fly.

Topics Include:

English: Descriptive writing, similes, metaphors, sentence structure, types of sentences, vocabulary, personification, anthropomorphism, alliteration, dialog, uncommon punctuation, onomatopoeia…

Science: Earth Science–biomes, falcons, hail, clouds, pearls; Chemistry–rising agents, viscosity; Biology–dominant and recessive genes, bacteria and food preservation; Physics–work…

Social Studies: the pillory, propaganda, pioneers, biological warfare, national anthem, bucket brigade…

Math: accounting, probability…

And MUCH more!

I am offering these in several different downloads so it’s not overwhelming and you can pick what you would like to use.

Vocabulary and Comprehension: here are vocabulary lists and comprehension questions by chapter (with answers)

Language Arts: lapbook pieces, notebooking pages, workbook pages and lessons in writing, grammar and literary devices

Bible: lapbook pieces and notebooking pages on Bible verses and topics related to the book (put together by chapter)

Unit Study: lapbook pieces, notebookings page, workbook pages and lessons on a variety of subjects (see above). These are all organized by chapter and there is an index by subject as well.

(UPDATE: The book has been professionally edited and re-released as a second edition. The new edition of the book has more pages and one more chapter. In the lessons below everything from chapter 13 on is actually one chapter number higher if you are using the 2012 edition of the book. I do have an updated version of the language art lessons, but I don’t have my same computer program so it doesn’t have any of the cute clip art!)


Language Arts Lessons (see it HERE)  (updated version for the 2012 edition of the book)

Comprehension and Vocabulary

Unit Study Lessons (see it HERE)

Bible Lessons for Students (see it HERE)



  1. Ashlyn said,

    What age range is the book and homeschool material for?

  2. Cindy Barnett said,

    Thanks for all the great study helps and curriculum that go along with the book.
    We are looking forward to this study!

  3. rose said,

    I am looking into homeschool and found your page. Is there an email address where I can send for any questions I might have, thank you.

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